A HISTORY OF BÚZIOS by Fernanda Pompeo Bellucci


Summer of 1980 in Búzios

It was the summer of 1980 and Búzios was still a very rustic city with only a few houses. A torrential rain began to fall as my friend Claudia and I walked the dusty red road towards Rua das Pedras. In less than a minute, the road turned into a bog with huge water filled puddles. We couldn’t go any further because the road was impassable and that was when we decided to play in the rain, sinking our feet in the mud. Such memorable laughs and happy memories when I think back to my childhood in Buzios.

The colony of fishermen

It seems long ago that Buzios was just a colony of fishermen without drinkable water, telephones and paved roads. Today, this seaside town with charm to spare, is full of eco-homes, luxury hotels and a fascinating and exciting nightlife. It is a paradise for lovers of good food, art and nature. Even with so many innovations, the “Brazilian Saint-Tropez” still maintains a relaxed atmosphere, a couple of dirt roads, and the magic that made ​​the French actress Brigitte Bardot live there for one year in the ‘60s






The passion that I share with the diva turned into a job for me two years ago. The Zeppelin Arts was born from the partnership of a family in love with Rio. My mother Sonia Pompeu, a journalist, my sister Renata and my brother Alexandre create decorative pieces which focus on symbolic landscapes of Rio. One of the first collections was inspired by Buzios. I love this city!

Ferradura beach

I have lived in Florence for 12 years, but my work and my family are keeping alive this love I have for Rio and Buzios. My favorite beach is the “ Ferradura ” and for anyone who would like to relax in style, the Casagrande Hotel is the ideal place to spend a weekend or just have lunch in the hotel restaurant. If you travel to Buzios, you absolutely must take an evening stroll and visit the shops of Rua das Pedras. It’s quite entertaining to see the hustle and bustle of the people, great restaurants to dine at, and admire the beautiful Orla Bardot, with its fishing boats and a statue of Brigitte Bardot that immortalizes the passionate and serene look of a simple life in that lovely city which is named after seashells. Buzios.