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27 Stars

A lifestyle magazine e blog (Portuguese and English) that speaks of quality and pure exclusivity: a Brazil described through its artisanship, companies in the luxury sector, the stories of successful men and its charming locations. The magazine also describe internationals places where readers would appreciate suggests to best travels and locations.

The Birth of the idea

It all started when the founder of 27Stars, Cila Ranzato, decided to start the magazine after a deep market research. It was done in Brazil before the World Cup in 2014 when her country of birth had an economic growth. Together with her friend and businesswoman Flávia Amaral, they created a group of professionals . The magazine and the blog, were and are focused on information and services to the Brazilian market. Over the years, with strong interest in several countries, the group is now made up of employees from around the world, creating content in various cultural realities, keeping the basic concept of quality life style and luxury.

The Magazine

Style, quality and luxury are concepts which 27STARS Luxury utilizes describe a Brazil that today looks more than ever towards the international market. 27STARS Luxury was created to meet the growing attention that the Brazilian public pays to the world of luxury in all its forms. From tourism to fashion, cuisine and art.

Recent From the Blog

'Champagne – Bubbles and delicacies


The mythical actress Marlene Dietrich said that “it gives you the impression that every day is Sunday”. Also, the statesman Napoleon Bonaparte believed that it was crucial in some particular occasions: “In victory you deserve it and in defeat you need it”. And the poetic vision of the writer George Sand considered that “it helps one to wonder”. The “muse” of these quotes is champagne.



Sintra, a dazzle on the hill !!!

By Flávia Amaral.


Found between hills of a picturesque mountain range, Sintra


Algarve, how not to love? Learn all about this paradise.


By, Flávia Amaral

Know everything about the paradise called Algarve

“God wills, man dreams, the work is born.” (Fernando Pessoa)

God wants…