Sintra, a dazzle on the hill !!!

By Flávia Amaral. Found between hills of a picturesque mountain range, Sintra is a village that, due to its mild climate, seduced the Portuguese nobility in the past. The elite chose it to build sophisticated palaces and beautiful and inspiring gardens. Pena Palace Pena Park deserves the spotlight, with a 200-hectare area around the Pena…

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Algarve, how not to love? Learn all about this paradise.


  By, Flávia Amaral Know everything about the paradise called Algarve “God wills, man dreams, the work is born.” (Fernando Pessoa) God wants and creates, man lives and dreams, the work is born! In this case, the divine work of nature is the Algarve – the Arabic Al Gharb – district of Faro. It is…

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