Algarve, how not to love? Learn all about this paradise.



By, Flávia Amaral

Know everything about the paradise called Algarve

“God wills, man dreams, the work is born.” (Fernando Pessoa)

God wants and creates, man lives and dreams, the work is born! In this case, the divine work of nature is the Algarve – the Arabic Al Gharb – district of Faro. It is a tradicional region  of Portugal with Mediterranean temperature, soft climate during the winters, hot summers and warm waters bathing the south coast of the country.


The five centuries of Arab occupation in the Algarve are visible in the region architecture, you can shop on mosaic tiles and roof terraces called açoteias

At the time of the Lusitania discoveries, the Algarve had been used as one of the main exit harbor for the maritime adventures to the occupation of the African territory.

The earthquake of 1755 destroyed much of the region, although the difficulties from the diversities of the Algarve, the region had been rebuilted the cities and made it a wonderful holiday destination.

The landscapes of the Algarve are the greatest attraction of this invaluable historical heritage. The entire cliffs coastline  overhanging  to the ocean is breathtaking, there is impossibility don’t be impressed! 

Some of the stunning beaches are obligatory to know and enjoy:



Named Praia Dourada “ Golden Beaches” by the Ministry of the Environment in 1998 the “ Praia da Marinha”, in the municipality of ” Lagoa”, is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Europe, due to its unique natural values ​​with a great variety of rock formations. Caverns, caves and beautiful natural pools make this place unique and charming. One of the most impressive attractions of the place is the high quality from the water crystalline and clear that allows the visualisation of the seabed. The paradisiacal beauty of Praia da Marinha are great scenarios for making memorable images, the photos shouldn’t to need a filter!

The Praia da Rocha, in “Armação de Pêra”, with the beautiful chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, whitewashed, high on the blessed cliff to the ocean among two beaches that bears the same name and they are divided by an 800 year old tunnel; The portal that reveals another cozy beach protected by the orange of stones that dim the view when reflecting the sun.

The Cova Redonda is a cozy beach between cliffs, a small bay in the parish of “Porches”, a very little city. There is a gigantic rock, anchored in the banks where the waves are breaking, it is a generous reward to the visitors, it gives the impression that God  personally has put it there, it’s so incredible!

The beach of Dona Ana in “Lagos” is picturesque with hi cliffs and steep in earthy colours. It is worth to have a beautiful walk around the golden cliffs on the sun and then reinvigorate yourself with a dip in its peaceful though cold waters.

The riches of the Algarve

The Algarve is the third richest region of Portugal, there are 6,000km of beaches for all kind of tourists. The low-profile with exuberant natural beauties gives charm and creates a different and democratic mix. For who prefer a more exclusive experience have irresistibly comfortable and luxurious hotel options in the right measure with the natural stile.

The Luxury Hotels in the Algarve

Vila Vita Parc

It is a beach resort full of attractions with six bars and ten restaurants that working from a casual typical Portuguese dishes dining viewing to sea till an important celebrates in the two Michelin stars restaurant inside the hotel. 

Diversity is the philosophy of the resort along with the cool pace of the experiencing of the Algarve. 

The Vila Vita Vital is the spa hotel that offer a fabulous and personalized experiences tailored to individual guests. In the services of beauty, to the hands and feet we could to find products from a famous london podologist. 

There are menu of body treatments with a ruge and varied types of massages that it going far beyond relaxation. It could be aromatic, Thai or hot stone. The facial treatments are also offered with organic products and extracts from unique elements for the skin beauty. The products come from  from the famous hot springs from the Japan. A luxury!

The Vilalara Thalassa

The five star resort Vilalara Thalassa is an exclusive space, surrounded by natural beauties, there are a private beach, totally dedicated to the well being of its guests. Everything in Vilalara is directed to total comfort. The restaurant is running by chef Pedro Sequeira, who along with his team strives to create amazing gastronomic experiences.

There are two restaurants:

  1. The informal Terrace Grill where fresh fish, seafood and barbecue are enjoyed.
  2. The B & G Restaurant with a menu of Portuguese influence , but with a mix of contemporary concept that exploits the freshness of high quality from the local products. The newly renovated restaurant furniture is a luxury, they take inspirations from the tons of blues and greens as the ocean, it is in total harmony with the beautiful terrace and the infinite skyline.

The resort has five pools spread across the vast terrain where the hotel occupies and in the middle of wooded groves there are the medical spa, one of the five best thalassotherapy centers in the world. This therapy is a treatment method that uses the beneficial and revitalizing properties of deep sea water.This therapy is a treatment method that uses the beneficial and revitalizing properties of deep sea water. A suitable apparatus captures the sea water away from the beach, filters and doses according to the therapy. The fusion of thalassa and spa hide in the exotic gardens helping to integrate the experience of relaxation, reenergization and rejuvenation.

The Algarve bind us wonder, reverence and respect for the nature. The power of the Algarve reminds us of who we are and we are size compared than the grandeur of this place! How not to love it?