Costa Verde/Green Coast



Costa Verde (Green Coast) is the name given to a strip of land that runs from the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro to the north coast of São Paulo. It encompasses the cities of Mangalore, Angra dos Reis and Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro and Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião and Ilhabela Sao Paulo. The name derives from the expressive and forceful presence in this part of the Atlantic off the Brazilian coast. The sea and mountain display an incomparable beauty and lie in perfect harmony with the unique historical heritage and generous hospitality.


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The natural beauty of Costa Verde is endless, with the intense blue color of the sea, in addition to the exuberance of green hues of the Atlantic Forest, with over an infinite amount of island paradises. Costa Verde is perfect for water sports, for deep sea fishing and also for leisurely boating. The fun is guaranteed! Paraty is one of the towns in the Serra do Mar region which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. It is known internationally for its extensive historical and cultural heritage. Mansions from the colonial period add to the charm of the streets of Stone Town. In the surroundings of this beautiful architecture there are hundreds of beaches and islands with waterfalls and other ecological treasures. A little further than 25km from Parati, closer to the beaches of Trinidad and Sono towards São Paulo, there is a very special and exclusive place called “Condo Orange”, designed in the early 1970s in a flat plain between the mountains and sea. Condo Orange is like a little piece of paradise on earth with its four beautiful beaches, plus a complete infrastructure: golf course, clubhouse with swimming pools, restaurants and tennis courts, helipad, medical center, generator systems for possible power outages applicants in the region, plus a marina with a considerable area of navigation.



Paraty is one of the towns in the Serra do Mar region which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. Paraty southeastern coast on Brazil, founded on 1597, Paraty is a indian Guaianás name, the city was part of Gold Trail



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