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Italy and 27 Stars Luxury Magazine

Italy is one of the few countries in the world where any scenario makes a dream come true. Starting with the Italian people themselves, sporty and elegant, who give a touch of warmth and class to anyone’s trip there.

This “bel paese” is also known for its top notch cuisine, using authentic flavors and quality wines.

Historic capitals of Italy like Rome and Milan, both cities having an intense personality, are the right places to visit. This trip will be remembered forever in the hearts of all.

Like a Vivaldi opera which represents an art form, so is the “Dolce Vita” style life, shopping Made in Italy. Fascinating cities that are opposite from each other leave us with the magical feeling of being at home.

For our readers:

27 Stars Luxury will proposes to our readers exquisite hotels with great personality and allow you to live a like fairytale dream.