The story of Villa Laetitia and Anna Fendi

Anna Fendi was born into a world-famous entrepreneurial family, and along with Karl Lagerfeld, has created innovative solutions in the fashion world.

The Fendi brand has always been the most loved and sought after in Brazil. When Anna Fendi gave her share of the family business to the LVMH group, she felt a bit empty.

It was at this time and with great passion. She began restoring and decorating Villa Laetitia, a family estate. Anna gave the management of this estate to her nephew, Giulio Cesar Delettrez Fendi .

The villa, which has been transformed into a charming hotel. Was designed in 1911 by Armando Roman Brasini. Thanks to skillful restoration work, Villa Laetitia has been revived in its former splendor. Anna Fendi Venturini has used love and creativity to create an island of peace in the eternally chaotic city of Rome.



Roman Mansion of the Fendi Family

Located in La Victoria neighborhood along the Lungotevere at the doors of Rome’s historic center. This historic Roman mansion is today one of the world’s most enticing boutique hotels. With its twenty rooms divided between the Villa and the Garden House, guests can experience the eclectic nature of Villa Laetitia and tranquility and beauty of the gardens on the property.

Between the historic Villa, service and atmosphere at this magical location, the guests will feel the warmth and hospitality of a private residence.

Known for her class, courtesy, and savoir faire, Anna Fendi Venturini strives to make her guests feel completely at home in her hotel.




The Ristorante Enoteca La Torre

The Ristorante Enoteca La Torre was described by Forbes magazine as the most romantic restaurant in the world. Following the Brazilian saying “when the class is not water and the substance is in the dish”, customers of “ La Torre “ are left in awe by the sensory and culinary experience of chef Danilo Ciavattini.

In an atmosphere of refined elegance, whose furnishings include beautiful antique furniture, lace tablecloths and columns. The kitchen celebrates its success and reputation as the finest restaurant in the Lazio region.





Following the success of this boutique hotel and family restaurant, Anna Fendi continues to give life to her creativity.

Anna and her husband Giuseppe Tedesco, have created a collection of 21 wine labels. From white, red, rosé, grappa and champanoise.

Giuseppe, a wine expert, sought small wine producers who created an excellent product and personally made sure that only top quality grapes were used. Inspired by names in the fashion world, Anna designed labels for the bottles with great style.

Service decoration Line for meal by Anna Fendi

To add to the entrepreneurial ambiance inspired by family life around Villa Laetitia, Anna’s passion for table decorations inspired her line of tableware.

Murano vases of various heights and shapes, Japanese pottery, lace tablecloths, noble crystals, and silver. Give life to “Art of the Table,” a universe full of splendor.





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