Zenith Yacht

The staff of Zenith Yacht, sailing on the river Amazonas, recognizes customer expectations.

The crew handles everything with utmost privacy and security, along with offering a special touch of creativity to vacationers.

The Yacht consists of 3 suites with king size beds, 3 suites with 2 single beds, dining room, game room with cable TV satellite, sun deck with Jacuzzi and bar, sauna, telephone and internet. The maximum comfort for a holiday full of adventurous surprises.





Amazon River Tour

During the excursion the expert guides will present a whole new world rich in nature. With beautiful landscapes and a great number of species to discover.

Activities include hiking in the jungle, motorized canoe trips on lakes and streams, bird observations, fishing, night tour to observe nature sounds and alligators, nightlife tours and visits to riverine communities.

All this and much more can be done through customized itineraries.